About The Book

We are stronger than we believe we are. We often discover our inner strength and resilience when life's problems arise.

"Release: Untold Stories About Inner Strength, Resilience, and Overcoming Challenges" Volume 2 is a collection of short stories from courageous women who have discovered their inner strength while overcoming difficult situations in extraordinary ways.

There’s nothing like real women being transparent and releasing their truth with raw emotion to provide others with an authentic sense of inspiration.

These women have navigated through life's obstacles as a doorway to change. Their empowering and uplifting stories will help you tap into your own inner strength, recognize your ability to be resilient, and remind you to use the power that is already within you.

Anyone facing a crossroad or dealing with family troubles, job woes, and/or grief will find this book helpful and uplifting. "Release" will encourage, support, comfort, and most of all inspire readers through all types of difficult situations for years to come.

Sample Chapter - From Tears to Triumph

My life, to me, was like a dark, hidden secret that I kept buried inside a closet. I shed many tears from the deep emotional pain I felt inside from being violated at a young age. I experienced molestation and rejection, plus low self-esteem, even as I became older.

About The Author

Chrissy “Bee” Compton is an author, spiritual motivational speaker, writer and the mother of two boys. She is also the CEO of Queen Pen Guru publishing. Her mission is to enlighten, encourage and educate her audience and clients on how to write, and accomplish their goals and dreams by working toward their purpose with confidence. www.chrissyqpguruink.com